CELLAR - Gönninger B&T's Common Lisp Foundation Library

What is it?
CELLAR is a set of classes, methods and functions in the Common Lisp language. This library is hosted on Github - brief info is given in the project description. The library is the foundation of all GBT Common Lisp applications.
It provides (not a complete list):
A base class that ensures each instance gets associated a UUIDA logging mechanism based on Log4CLMost of the functions described in the book On Lisp by Paul GrahamAn implementation of Finite State Machinesand much more 😉- you are invited to explore ...

For more info contact us at

CW Skimmer support for the ADT-200A

Hi all -

after a loooooooong time since my last post here I finally managed to complete the ADT-200A.ini file that makes the ADT-200A play with CW Skimmer.

The file can be downloaded from:

ADT-200.ini on Yahoo group "ADAT"

You definitely should try it - HI !

73, Frank DG1SBG

ADT-200A - updating firmware - the bare metal way

Hans, HB9CBU, has created a new firmware version 1.36e for the ADT-200A . This release has a few very much needed updates I talked about with Hans - one of them making it possible to create a Rig file for CW Skimmer (which I am working on now).

Unfortunately, updating the firmware turned out to not be an easy task. As I am on Mac OS X I looked for an easy way to talk to the serial device of the ADT-200A. The ADT-200A is connected via USB using the internal USB-to-Serial converter in the TRX. As such the TRX is recognized as device "/dev/cu.usbserial-1004079" on my Mac.
After a bit of fiddling I came up with the following little Python script:
Created on 07.12.2012

@author: frgo

import serial

def update
    ser = serial.Serial( '/dev/cu.usbserial-1004079', 9600 )
    ser.write( '$DNL?' )
    ser.write( '\r' )
    p0 = open("/var/data/frgo/Funk/ADT-200a/Firmware/Hardware/1.36e/136e_p0.dat", "r")

The ADT-200A SDR TRX in practice ... A talk @ DARC P31

Dr YLs es OMs !
On March 23rd I gave a presentation of the features of the ADT-200A Software Defined Transceiver at the local Amateur Radio Club, DARC e.V.OV Ermstal DOK P31
The presentation focused on practical aspects of actually using the ADT-200A. We had about 15 radio amateurs (only OMs, unfortunately, HI) in the room and what was planned as a 1 hour talk turned into a 2 hour session ... We had fun using the TRX and two CWQSOs have been completed with RA9XU - about 3000 km with just 50 watts into a dipole on 40 meters. 
The exceptional performance of this TRX created some "wow" and "ah" effects -  it was a pleasure listening to CW signals with just 150 Hz bandwidth - the digital CW filters are going down to 50 Hz (we used 150 Hz for the QSOs) and there's no signal degradation whatsoever. Really sweet  ... One OM asked if I would by another TRX if I had all the money I can imagine - I just answered "Why should I ?" ... For the technical specific…

... Hamlib Backend for ADAT ADT-200A COMPLETED !

... yes, it's done. As announced in my other blog post I was working on the Hamlib Backend for the ADT-200A- it now is ready. The implemented capabilities available are:

Caps dump for model: 2901
Model name:ADT-200A
Mfg name:ADAT
Backend version:1.36
Backend copyright:Frank Goenninger, DG1SBG. License: Creative Commons
Backend status:Beta
Rig type:Transceiver
PTT type:Rig capable
DCD type:None
Port type:RS-232
Serial speed: 115200..115200 bauds, 8N1
Write delay: 0ms, timeout 250ms, 3 retry
Post Write delay: 20ms
Has targetable VFO: N
Has transceive: N
Announce: 0x0
Max RIT: -9.999kHz/+9.999kHz
Max XIT: -9.999kHz/+9.999kHz
Max IF-SHIFT: -0.500kHz/+0.500kHz
Preamp: 5dB 10dB
Attenuator: 5dB 10dB 15dB 20dB 25dB
DCS: None
Get functions: NB VOX NR
Set functions: NB VOX NR
Get level: PREAMP(0..0/0) ATT(0..0/0) AF(0..0/0) NR(0..0/0) CWPITCH(0..0/0) RFPOWER(0..0/0) MICGAIN(0..0/0) KEYSPD(0..0/0) METER(0..0/0) BKIN_DLYMS(0..0/0) RAWSTR(0..0/0) SWR(0..0/0) ALC(0..0/0)

A new Hamlib backend for the ADAT ADT-200A

Dear fellow OMs!

I have been busy the last few days creating a new Hamlib backend for the ADAT ADT-200A transceiver.

This transceiver is the best one currently available for a hobbyist budget. I really can recommend this TRX for any ambitious radio amateur. A missing piece was the support of Hamlib for the ADT-200A. Well, Winter holidays are a perfect time to just sit down and implement this - so I did.

The software will be released in a few days ... Just for a teaser here's a screenshot of an interactive session with rigctl (the control application of Hamlib):

The session shows that there is a ADT-200A with Serial Nr 1004079 connected that has loaded Firmware version 1.36bg (This firmware version will soon be released - please be patient - final testing is happening these days).

Huge thanks go to Hans, HB9CBU, the inventor of the ADAT ADT-200A. OM Hans helped me answer endless questions and always was very prompt in responding to emails. It is a real joy to work with him!

Yeah ! …

Antenna project part II - The tower and antenna installation

As a sequel to Part I of the Antenna Tower Project here's the tower and antenna setup ... - it was a real effort with up to 10 people working on it. The photos hopefully convey how much sweat it cost to almost finish this - the beam still needs two more sleeve element sets being installed - with luck (weather, help from my fellow antenna installers) we should be able to actually complete this by next Saturday ...

The tower is a Hummelmasten Explora 500 and the beam is an OptiBeam OB16-5 . Pretty impressive 30 feet boom and maximum element length (no traps, nowhere) of 34 feet. But:

See the pictures below and enjoy!